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Aeon Karris

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With over two decades of experience speaking to audiences worldwide, Aeon offers down-to-earth transformational guidance via keynotes, workshops, panels, conferences, summits, radio shows, print, and online media. Her mission is to liberate the collective consciousness, to protect innocence, and mobilize leaders with purpose. If you would like to bring inspiration, transformation, and connection to your audience, read below for more info about her past endeavors and reach out with a proposal. Download her media kit here. 

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Topics of Expertise:

Next Level Leadership: what’s required post-patriarchy – towards a decentralized & collaborative future.

The Synchronicity Method: how to activate peak flow states & become a force of nature.

Soul Mission vs. Vocation: Finding deeper meaning in life and making a positive impact on the world.

Love, Sex & the Hidden Agenda: Evolved relationships, uncovering hidden body memory, unconscious power dynamics, the unseen forces that feed off our life force. 

Spontaneous Awakenings & Expanding Awareness: Kundalini awakenings, Spiritual Emergencies, Moving through Dark Nights of the Soul, Shamanic Initiations, How to “heed the call” of spirit.

Reinvent Yourself: Picking up the pieces of your life after a major life transition.

Responsible Anarchy: How to become friends with your inner rebel. How to transmute anger into a force for good. What it means to be a Spiritual Warrior.

Gifted/Psychic/ Highly Sensitive Children: How to support a very sensitive child. Releasing your fears of the paranormal.

Activate Your Codex: Waking up to your divine nature and reclaiming your human potential.

Paranormal Phenomena & Spirit Visitations: How to make sense of bizarre and strange occurrences. How to cope with the massive change they present. How to remove the fear and become more curious. How to develop your gift of seeing.

Return to Nature: How nature holds the keys to the memory of our soul, sustainable lifestyles & living in tune with the earth. 

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